About Venae

About Study Association Venae

Study Association Venae was founded on the 27th of August in 2007 as "Venae, study association of the Amsterdam School of Health Professions" and respresents the (Dutch) programmes Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Mensendieck Therapy, Nursing, and the English programme European School of Physiotherapy (ESP). 

Venae is one of the largest en fastest-growing study associations of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). Venae is recognized by, and thus connected with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

While most of the focus of Venae aims toward Dutch students, the executive board of the years 2018-2019 emphasizes the importance to include students of the European School of Physiotherapy as well!

Venae strives to improve the social and course-advancing activities of its members. Venae organizes weekly drinks where you can meet other students who share your interests. Of course, parties with the whole of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the centre of the Amsterdam nightlife will feature on the agenda! In addition, Venae will organize workshops, seminars, excursions and lectures to enrich your studies.

Because Venae is a study association, not a fraternity, we don’t require any extra commitments from our members.

Venae is run entirely by students from the Amsterdam School of Health Professions, distributed over the executive board and different committees. You are very welcome to join!